Canon camera manuals – As a committed amateur photographer, I’m a huge fan of the entire lineup of Canon products. They bridge the gap between the weekend warrior and professional in the camera game by supplying users with intuitive features and an affordable price you aren’t likely to find in another brand.

canon camera manuals

But, whether you use the EOS series, the PowerShot series, or another multi-purpose Canon camera, if you’re like I was early on, there are numerous features loaded into your camera that you aren’t accessing. If this is you, then maybe you need to dig into one of the online Canon user manuals. This will help you reach your full potential as a photographer.

Or maybe you lost the Canon camera manuals that came with your camera. Who hasn’t done this a time or two? If you have been desperately scrounging through closets, attics, and junk drawers for your Canon user manuals, let this guide to online Canon camera manuals be your salvation. I’ve got you covered whether you need Canon eos user manuals, Canon PowerShot user manuals, or multi-purpose Canon manuals. You will find what you need below.

Canon EOS Manuals

The Canon EOS series was created in 1987 and is a single lens, auto focus series of Cameras. The series was named after “Eos,” the Greek goddess of the dawn. There are entry level, advanced, high-end, and professional models of the Eos, with most of the entry level versions sold under the Eos “Rebel” name.

If you have a specific camera model and are looking for manuals online, you might search the model numbers at the Ultimate Manuals Library, which is a free library of scanned, original manuals that has a large assortment of Canon user manuals. You can find them here. You might also want to browse through the selection of Canon EOS user manuals found at the Canon website here.

Alternatively, just check out some of the model numbers and links below:

Canon Camera Manual

  • Canon EOS 5D – This camera is compatible with all Canon lenses and is great for automated or creative work. You can find the manual here.
  • Canon EOS Digital Rebel – This digital EOS camera has 6.3 million effective pixels, is compatible with all Canon EOS lenses and can print images directly from the camera. You can find the manual here.
  • Canon EOS ELAN 7 – This is a high performance camera with seven focus points. Photographer can employ fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operation to obtain the effect he/she wants. The manual can be found here.
  • Canon EOS M – This is a highly responsive camera that is useful and packed with features not matter what the shooting situation. The camera is also capable of recording high definition movies. You can find the manual here.
  • Canon EOS Rebel 2000 – The Rebel series is entry level and affordable but packed with features like a compact auto-focus and user controlled picture taking modes. You can the it’s manual here.
  • The Canon EOS T7i – This full featured model is high functioning and high speed taking up to six shots per second and transferring the shots where you want them to go over wifi and bluetooth connectivity. This is a fully high definition model and can also take hd video. The manual can be found here.
  • The Canon EOS 40D – This is a high speed camera capable of shooting 6.5 frames per second. It can take on some of the most demanding shoots, is easily customizable, and even has a self-cleaning system to remove dust. Find out why the is the choice of the “Canon Blogger” here.  or check out the manual for the camera here.
  • The Canon EOS Mark IV – This is a high end camera with out of the box functionality for most situations and is still fully customizable. It shoots in super HD. You can find the users manual for this camera here.
  • The Canon EOS 1V – This is a simple, highly intuitive and easy to use entry level model that still contains incredible functionality. Work automatically or take full control. This camera is made especially easy to use for the beginner because it has manual controls. The user manual can be found here.
  • The Canon EOS 6D – This is one of the newer, updated Canon models that is popular amongst amateur enthusiasts and professionals alike. With updated speed and high end resolution, as well as a long battery life, this is a great update to an already exceptional camera. Check out the full review from Digital Photography Review blog here and you can find the manual for the camera here.

Canon PowerShot Manuals

The Canon PowerShots, designated as A-G series, are point and shoot models for amateur photographers. While the Canon EOS series continues to thrive, the market for the PowerShot series has been significantly damaged by the emergence of higher end Smart Phone cameras and HD video capabilities on smart phones.

This has led several of the series, like the A series, to be discontinued. However, these cameras still provide quality and features that many people enjoy and their manuals are freely available online and can be located here.

If you are interested, Digital Photography Review has reviews of several PowerShot cameras:

Canon Multi-Purpose Models

A final type of camera that might be of interest to you are the Canon Multi-Purpose models. These models provide numerous features for both digital video and photography. These cameras perform well in low noise and low light situations.

Other features include versatile video features and automatic exposure. They can be controlled remotely and have assignable buttons and customizable picture settings. You can find out more about the Canon Multi-Purpose camera models by clicking on their manuals below:

  • Canon ME200S – This camera is much like the more famous “GoPro” but is incredibly comparable and has the backing of the Canon brand and team behind it. It is full of features you can learn about by clicking on the link to the manual here.
  • Canon ME 20F SH – Another multi-purpose camera from Canon, this model is packed full of features for the adventurous who want to experience the best of HD video and photography in low light or intense settings and situations. You can find out all about it’s wide variety of features and customizations by clicking on the link to the Canon user manual here.

Why you Should KNOW your Canon User Guide

In this article I have provided links to numerous Canon camera manuals. If you have yet to find the manual that you are looking for, it should be easily accessible on this website.

From this short survey, it should become clear that each of the dozens of Canon cameras have specific features and abilities that are unique to that particular camera model. Many of these cameras are incredibly complex.

They are also very expensive. To get the most from your camera, the user manual is an essential tool. If you still aren’t convinced, here are a few reasons to search yours up and glance through it:

  • Check out the “At a Glance” table of contents at the front of the manual. This is the quickest way to see what features of your camera you might be missing out on. Who knows, this may take you to the next level as a photographer.
  • The meaning for all the symbols on your camera are found in your manual. It might surprise you to find that what you thought meant something means something entirely different. Take a quick glance just to be sure.
  • A troubleshooting guide is a part of your manual. Anyone who uses technology for long has problems with that technology of some kind. Maybe it’s an easy fix, but you might never know if you don’t troubleshoot, and the easiest way to do that is to look at your canon camera manuals.
  • Get your pictures to where you need them to go. Even the best photograph is worthless unless people see it, and no one will see it unless you know how to get it off of your camera and into the world. Maybe your camera is equipped with wifi, or maybe it is an old 35mm that needs some special treatment, the best way to know is to check the manual.
  • Learn how to clean and care for your camera. Your camera is an investment. With proper care it can last a lifetime and be a great gift or fetch a nice price. A camera that is uncared for will end up in the junk heap. You might not even know HOW to best care for your camera unless you check in your Canon user manual.
  • Learn how to customize your camera and set it up with the right lenses and setting to achieve your goals and best meet your needs. This could mean the difference between being an amateur and a professional.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in explaining the importance of Canon user manuals and pointing you in the right direction of the Canon camera manuals that you need. Make sure that you keep learning, keep experimenting with the functionality of your camera, keep practicing your photography every single day, and enjoy creating beautiful art with your camera.

You just might find that the user manual is as much of an important tool for the photographer as the latest lens or camera with the newest features. If nothing else, you know where to look when you need to troubleshoot.